TEETH-IN-A-DAY is a life changing procedure that allows patients to experience a beautiful new smile with fully functional teeth in a single visit.  Your new teeth will look and feel like natural teeth. In addition, you are able to enjoy foods that you once had to avoid, such as corn on the cob, steak, and apples.

Dr. Ragonese works very closely with other restorative doctors (your dentist) to help make this a time efficient and cost effective treatment option for those patients with failing or missing teeth. It is our goal to give you a smile that you love and deserve.

The process begins when a CT scan is taken of the patient’s jawbone. This CT scan allows for the generation of a three-dimensional model of the jawbone that can then be used with virtual reality software to plan your new smile. This merging of knowledge and experience achieves not only increased safety, but also the most functional and esthetic smile possible.

Surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art surgical facility. We have a Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist, Dr. Slaton Hoffner, on staff to provide anesthesia services in a safe and comfortable environment. Following the completion of surgery, patients will leave our facility with their new teeth in place. A series of follow-up appointments are also made to ensure proper healing. Patients can often resume their normal activities the next day.